so amazing writer j michael stracynski (hope i spelt that correctly) is now at dc. After that awful event that was siege in which mr marvel writer brian michael bendis fucked up the section of the marvel universe that was reserved for thor. Asgard fell, explosion after explosion ringed through the ears of everyone living in bronxton,oklahoma, loki died ,countless other asgardians died and i could go on until sentry is reborn blah blah blah blah. Anyway all this happened and bendis fucked up the marvel universe’s characters and other writers like Matt fraction, christos gage and again countless others have to pick up the pieces and make good stories out of them. fair play to writers like that as some of there stories were good. But stracynski said no i will not do this thor has changed forever i speant a year of my life poured into this book and these characters and bendis can tear them down just for no good reason other than shock value which is pretty ridiculous. but then he left and started a new contract with dc and beacause of this we get superman earth one. Now for those who don’t know earth one was the original earth were heroes were heroes and superman was still in the golden age of dc. But as crises of infinite earths rocked dc continewity as dc had all these worlds earth one,earth two etc but crises changed that when dc had jeoff johns do crisis of infinite earths and that updated the earths. however the multiverse didn’t stay dead and the new earth one is here with all the dc heroes shining bright and beautiful not yet this is clearly a trial run for other graphic novels or series like batman or wonder woman earth one. much like marvel did with ultimates and ultimate x men and ultimate so on and so on. but on to my verdict. In my opinion i believe that given my faith in  j michael this will be good but dc dosen’t need to do this to update the universe so they’re not old fashioned the crisis changed all of those problems they had.but and this an enormous but i have complete faith that j michael will make a modern realistic fun action packed superman story and have clark disguise himself more than a pair of glasses sorry i left out identity crisis,zero hour and final crisis please stay tuned keep reading.