now although the blog’s name is assembleavengers, i’m still i big fan of johnathan hickman’s fantastic four. For years i hated what the fantastic four as during civil war millar and bendis made reed richards a douchebag “i can predict the future USING SCIENCE!!!!!!!” B-ullocks really predict the future sigh. not to mention the way all he cared about was tony stark and hank pym and pay no attention to susan,or johhny who was in hospital.
Then last year i heard that fantastic four was being given a new look and writer. but ashamed as i am about this i said the fantastic were outdated and have no modern relevence i said “They belong in the sixties and that’s when they were good”.
How wrong was i, i fell awful for what i said and then i pcked up issue 579 and was blown away. I loved his secret warriors and thought it was a decent team book during dark reign. the way he portrayed nick fury was amazing or how devilisly evil he had baron von strucker assemble his high council of hydra or attack a h.a.m.m.e.r. base.
One thing i have to put out to the commenters is has ben grimm become human he must have in every incarnation of the animated series they have done at least one episode were he has become completely human. however what hickman has cleverly done with this version of the story is he’s only allowed one week to be human again sort of sci-fi cinderella type deal where ben can be human for a whole week once a year as much as i have confidence in hickman i’m still on the fence about this but i hope that he’ll make this interesting. sadly i hope not but i can see a lot of people giving up on this book beacause of this but i pleed to you please don’t just drop it give it time hickman has something planned this story has a finising point and honestly i would rather pay for this than new avengers any wednesday of the year even if the price goes up.
as side note one thing i would love to see would be hickman and johnathon mahberry who’s writing doomwar to do a fantastic four story together. just a little food for thought but i hope someone other than me reads this and comments fthanks for reading sorry if you didn’t think it was good i’m a doucebag like that. i’m blaberring aren’t i can you blabber on an all written blog anyway thanks for reading.

cover of the book