personally i don’t know how to feel about this book i’m still on the fence about it but the storyline is interesting enough to keep reading it. In this story arc baron zemo (his son not the original) is deciding what to do in this new world of black and white. of heroes being good and villians being bad. i have to say it’s interesting to see zemo trying to kill bucky and the idea that he’s continuing on his father’s legacy is good even though his father died years ago. I’ve always found zemo to be an interesting character as he is one of those supervillians who wants to kill their archenemy then take over the world while having a european accent muhahahaha. theirs a good fight between bucky cap and an old nazi villian called the iron hand he was created in the sixties i think but this issue is good fun a fight some foreign accents and some explosions and a red white and blue shield hitting some nazis in the face 3 stars

cover of 607

baron zemo