who is your avengers is a question that has been thrown around ever since we had to sit through 2 avengers teams saying they were the avengers. then 3 different teams saying they were the avengers during dark reign.But now during this heroic age we finally have 1 avengers saying they’re the avengers NO actually brian michael bendis thinks he can squeze another 3.99 out of his loyal fans every month by saying that new avengers is a book where heroes can be heroes on their on terms sadly it’s just another way of taking your money for the “avengers” sitting around eating food. Sigh sadly this book is just luke cage and friends not even the cool luke cage from thunderbolts.
Sadly these aren’t my avengers i started reading modern comics in 2006 when for my birthday i got a marvel legends 4 pack (action figures) the set i got was the young avengers and it came with the young avengers issue 1 which i loved then i picked up all the issues up to 6 then got the trade paperback of family matters. Those are my avengers the way patriot wanted to make his grandfather proud and kate bishop worked past her sexual assault. or cassie lang being proud of her father and trying to become ant girl, or iron lad trying to change his future by becoming a hero not one of the avengers greatest villians i read young avengers they were my team and i will be picking up avengers the childrens crusade which looks good with alan heinberg writing and the faboulous jim cheung doing art who’s cover on secret warriors which i love i don’t know why the young avengers aren’t getting a montly though so thanks for reading and stay tuned for a review of some comics