okay like matt fraction reading the reviews of the iron man 2 video game i was dreading this. much like matt fraction as well i didn’t like what i read. i sat down after reading thunderbolts 145, dynamo 5 sins of the father 1and turf 2 and my thoughts were “well all the comics i picked up this week were preety good.” then low and behlold i gazed upon avengers 2. okay i’ll start with the positive theirs action and there’s some amazing artwork i’m a big john romita jr. fan and a massive avengers fan hence the name of the blog. but then the positives stops there i’ll start at the begining so noh-varr or the protector fighting titanium man and i’m thinking this is gonna be a good fight with all the avengers attacking and fighting titanium man but no in one page it’s done without the avengers even throwing a punch. as the fight’s over tony stark address noh varr about him being a former terrorist and joining avengers team even though wolverine stats that he was the only dark avenger to walk away blah blah blah sheer boredom but then the avengers are sitting eating pizza in avengers tower lab sigh. but soon after tony stark says he wants noh varr to work for him where is editorial? okay stark asks him to work for him noh varr says no stark says “NO? NO! you don’t say no to me”. why do we need more of this tony stark being a douchebag that’s what civil war then the whole inititive was so matt fraction was having to make tony stark cool again. I’ll be honest during civil war i hated tony stark hated then i read invincible iron man and he’s an amazing character again a good guy again. to top it all off he says stark industries WTFUCK is bendis doing and i posted a link a while a go on the ccw blog proving that bendis dosen’t read marvel comics he dosen’t read captain america or invincible iron man or anything i’m not even going to get into what happened with with the time and all the different realities. uhhhhhhhhh god kill me please then tony stark says time is broken i would put money on the fact that bendis was watching doctor who saying time is broken ripping off stephen moffat’s amazing storyline from the recent doctor wh series.if you stuck with me this long guess loyal readers who the villian of this book is yes wonder man who can knock out wolverine in one punch or thor in one punch and knock all the avengers on their ass with one blast then noh varr blasts him into building then he flies at them yelling “I TOLD YOU!” BOOM no just dissappears. and apocalypse shows up meh. at some point i would like to write comics but something like this puts me off as i said in an earlier post i remember reading the first bunch of stories with the new avengers and alan heinberg and jim cheung’s young avengers that was a good story involving time and kang avengers 2 was not a good book proof that bendis dosen’t read other writers comics

cover of this awful book