okay so a while ago i posted an idea for a superhero comic and a viewer of the post and someone who like me reguarly comments on the ccw tv blog has kindly said he would do skech ideas for my comic and asked if i would do some more posts well i’ve been thinking about it and yesterday while watching justice league animated series on my laptop had what i can only describe as a creative orgasim and started writng down all these ideas about villians and storylines one of these ideas was thunderclap and this is his origin

One of the heroes from the earlier post the scool boy has the ability to fly and super stength a magic shileld which can melt bullets before impact but i’ll get into that more another time when i do a short bio on each of the characters and state their powers and each of the team can teleport great distances.
The school boy travels to afghanastan and disarms a group of army privates and a group of talibann forces caught in a firefight he then states that their war is over and within the week there will be peace before either force can respond the talibann forces retreat believing the floating white person to be a weapon of the americians as the americians start to protest he tells them he shall make sure they return to base before being told of a plane crashing in egypt so he must leave them for a short time. in that time the americians humvees are ambushed by a group of talibann forces who were in formed by the retrating men that the americians are unarmed the tali bann attack the patrol killing all the men except for one who is saved by the scool boy although he survives he loses his right arm. before passing out he looks at the scool boy with blood dripping down his face and tears of sorrow over lost comrades sliding down his cheek he stats “your fault”. while in hospital he is visited by the god who embodies thunder (as he gets the chance to choose his new champion first) he offers him the chance to obtain vengence over his lost collegues and get revenge on the person who did this to him. he grant’s him the powers of absorbing sound and able to turn it into strength and his signature move the thunderclap. with limitless potential and power he is hellbent on revenge and will do anything to to have vengence for his fallen brothers in arms he is THUNDERCLAP
copyright aidan mc collum 2010