so in 2006 i went to my local woolworths (which is closed down now) and i seen the marvel young avengers 4 pack. at the age i was i got them for my birthday that sunday which were just 4 superheroes who were only a few years older than me. what i didn’t realise was that they were an africian-americian who’s grandfather was the original black captain america (patriot), a teenager from the 30’th century who was destined to be one of the avengers greatest foes (iron lad),a half skrull half kree who was the son of the skrull princess and captain marvel (hulkling) and a homosxual who was the scarlet witchs biggest fanboy and had the potential to be one of the most powerful mystics on the planet.

but now to their most recent book avengers the children’s crusade. This book takes place in i don’t know what time period of the marvel universe i think between extremis iron man and civil war given the costumes. but try to put that out of your head (i think allan heinberg wanted to do this but beacause of civil war it was put on hiatus and then the marvel event machine continued on rolling and this is the first chance in a while you get to tell this story. it follows the narritive of wiccian (billy kaplin) as he looks back on the day the avengers told him about his mothers problems with her powers.

For those of you who know wiccian and hulkling are homosxual partners and in issue 7 i believe wiccian tries to tell his parents he’s a superhero but then comes out of the closet (if you know what i mean, if you don’t google it) so the avengers (ms marvel,steve rogers cap and iron man) confront wiccian and for a young avengers fan it’s preety big as you see their headquarters in avengers mansion which i wonder where they’ll hang out now that luck cage is taking a half destroyed mansion and living in it meh. The avengers are worried as at the start of the book he disarmed 20 guys with guns and a nuke. so they tell him about m-day and “no more mutants” and wiccian says “how do you know it’s her, not someone controlling her.” the fanboy in me went “beacause the scarlet witch is mental” and the writer in me “went ahh very clever”.

i have a question beacause when bendis brought back hawkeye he had him track down the scarlet witch in mount wudagore in transia. then shag her and come back where they say did you find her he say’s no wolverine says “you’re lying” and it’s never mentioned again. this was right before secret invasion so bendis just like the avengers forgot to go looking for the scarlet witch WTFUCK IS THAT ABOUT!.

Then captain america (steve rogers as this happens before civil war) shows up at wiccans house and tells his parents on himand wiccian moves in with the avengers and hulkling comes along with but jarvis makes their room up with 2 beds maybe he just thinks friends when they said partners. But if he didn’t then why give them the same room then you’re asking or trouble if i stayed at a girls house and her father wtold to sleep in the same room but separate beds WOULDN’T STOP ME! and it hasn’t sperate rooms a bit harder but can work around it hehehe.

So by the end of the book the young avengers break hulkling and wiccan out of avengers tower and a question i’ve always had of why speed and wiccan have never met their uncle or their grandfather?

So thank you dear reader for reading my review of my favourite team book and thank you for checking out my blog this book is a definate 5 stars although i’m a bit biased. thank you so good night and travel well
copyright aidan mc collum 2010

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