In the autumn time (or fall for you americians) marvel and dc are both bringing out animated series and they both look amazing.
i’ll start off with the on ei want to see most marvel’s the avengers. having seen the cast at comic con the next 2 years are avengers mad with marvel publishing 6 or 7 avengers books a month. this series looks brilliant one thing i love is that this taxi driver is reading a newspaper called excelsior with one the cover headlines like vigilante “punishes” again and man-like “thing” stalks upstate.
hehehehe i’m already full of fanboy glee.
with supervillians like
whirlwind,wreaker,grey gargole,constrictor,arnim zola,griffin,what looks like a different design of taskmaster,hydra and the greatrest avengers villian ever loki god of mischief.
the cast of heroes is by far not up to the challenge of taking up these villians. Iron man,thor,ant-man/giant man ,wasp,hulk,captain america, nick fury ,someone who i think will be maria hill, james rhodes (war machine but not in armor) pepper potts, black panther ,hawkeye,black widow and other heroes like wonder man will appear and this does certainly look good.
The idea is simple i think loki will create a day where the earth’s mightiest superheroes will band togeher to fight the foe no single hero could withstand and in doing so will help create the avengers. then they’ll go with the more fairytale idea that they find captain america in an iceberg. what do you think tell me in the comments below.
personally i can’t wait and think that this will breathe some life into certain characters i loved the original justice league series when i was younger even though i didn’t know green lantern,hawkgirl,flash. but looking back on it they’re my justice league i loved them all and then justice league unlimited came out and when i went to dublin years ago i got the infinate crises hardcover and beacause of justice league i knew most of the characters and just hope some kid has same experience with the avengers.

Now for all you dc fanboys young justice. I’d like to start off by saying that this is not teen titans. i liked the teen titans animated series the way that they were completely independant there was some batman stuff with robin like i remeber in the first episode robin has this mugger cornered and the mugger says “this is’nt your town” and robin just says “it is now.”
But young justice is more like avengers academy the way batman will give them missions or the way the justice league has 16 members.
this show looks amazing all the justce league look like they did in crises of two earths which makes them look awesome.
the cast consists of

superboy (open for a good storyline with lex luthor)

robin (hope it’s tim drake definately my favourite robin although maybe not as the producers said this dc universe only started 10 years ago)

kid flash (whom i liked in the teen titans so interesting to see how they handle him)

aqualad (hope he’s just like his mentor arogant, war hungry, loud mothed and generally good fun to watch)

miss martian (don’t know who that is but just wikied her and looks interesting say’s she’s a white martian)

artemis (probabely just their as opposed to speddy/red arrow beacause they need another girl on the team looks good though)

dc is apparantly making a comic to go with the series and will be written by art balatazar and art by mike norton.

the justice league looks good and will offer support to the team and individually mentor certain heroes like superman and superboy or flash and kid flash and so on i hope that theirs some interaction with catain marvel\billy batson who although he appears a full grown adult he’s only ten and whenn he utters the magic word frail little mild mannered billy batson is transformed using the magic of shazam. or something like that.
batman will be their headmaster type character giving the team missions and surprisingly will make aqualad the leader? i’d like to see robin and superboy not ask whyeven though robin is the most senior. But batman clearly has some reason behind the matter and i hope there will be a scene where they spar with batman and he wipes the floor with them. ha that’d be so cool.
tell me what you think in the comments

personally i can’t wait and this show looks amazing as i said i hope this becomes like their justice league that introduses them to 70 years of brilliant characters and fantastic story lines.

now the bad part with avengers jeph leob will be the producer of the show so hopefully red hulk stays completly away from this universe.
and with young justice it might just be teen titans just afew years later i’m hoping the arrival of the justice league will change that.

i can’t wait for both these series and i hope that like me these get people into comics more at such a young age comment below.