so like many people i’m loving jeff parker’s thunderbolts and can’t wait for the next issue.
but in saying that his book is so good and the characters are so busy withall sorts of crossovers lined up to start off they’re gonna be in avengers academy as hank pym has some affiliation with the program (see thunderbolts 144). then they will be appering in the street event that is shawdowland while helping their fearless leader luke cage who is busy enough with thunderbolts where does he get time to sit down with iron man,cap and thor and talk about daredevil or go run an errand for them then he has new avengers on the weekends wow this guy is busy. but i’m getting off topic what really excited about is that in november the thunderbolts will go up against the avengers.
Now naturally I think it will be good beacause of parker but so much else. steve rogers fighting crossbones beacause he killed him (even though he only was drifting through time i know blah blah blah) or iron man fighting ghost as he put him through some shit recently.
but i’m genuinly excited about this and can’t wait just look at the promo art

this was my WTF of the day HA!