so marvel’s got all these movies in the pipeline.
thor’s done it’s in post-preduction,captain america is filming now i think x-men first class is in pre-production (matthew vaughen is writing the screen play and directing that’s coming out next year) and the avengers is set to film next year,along with the spider-man reboot and deadpool.

what renyolds looks like in the suit

but wait hold up i just read an article that say’s otherwise(

the entire C.G.I. costume in it's full glory OH WAIT!!!!

this is the movie i want more than green lantern

beacause of the dilema of ryan renyolds in role of hal jordan this year and next year protraying wade wilson in the deadpool movie.
but no warner brothers won’t allow that they want green lantern to be a triolgy with one film coming out after another every year (like twilight) uhhhhh if they do this it will next to kill the deadpool movie.

So they are set to film the movie soon so will he just jump ship onto WB. i doubt it they might buy him out like “we’ll give you this much money if you pull out of deadpool” but ryan reynolds if given the choice between a massive comic book trilogy or deadpool maybe will he drop deadpool and just say “na i’ll stick with green lantern sure”
if e can find a way to do both good on him that’ll be amazing but if deadpool is dropped or pushed back.

WB is being such a bitch just beacause marvel is whipping their ass in movies. marvel promised an avengers movie. now what are we getting in 2012 avengers assemble!
Where’s the world’s finest movie we where promised in that scene in I AM LEGEND “uhh oh no that was just a joke” said the WB exec. to the uproar of fans who wanted batman vs superman.

Now WB is like oh shit how can we stop the avengers movie? we can’t oh shit how can we stop the x-men first class movie uhhh we can’t
oh shit how can we stop the spider-man movie uhhh we can’t
oh shit how can we stop the deadpool movie uuuuh oh wait we can by turning green lantern into a trilogy and twilighting it and you know one of those movies will suck.

so in conclusion to this rant i say fuck you WB you’re just jealous bitches!