if i had x-ray vision i'd never have it off

ok so at some point in our life we’ve all said wouldn’t it be amazing to fly,be super strong,have super speed. but i’ve often wondered about what would people do if they were more powerful than a locamotive or leap tall buildings with a single bound or run faster than a speeding bullet.

So i pose this question to you dear reader if you gained superpowers be it from a power ring,a mutation, or a blast of gamma radiation.

would you a) become a symbol of hope and faith throught the world and always put the down trodden and the needy before yourself be a real life superman but not make a profeit just help beacause people need help and keep your identity a secret to protect the people you love and beacause you don’t want praise ?

wish i was but i'm not him

b)would you be a hero but sellout and make billions in corporate sponsers and merchandising and reveal your identity to the populace just for a quick buck?

or c) work for your government to try and serve your country and protect it’s best interests?



or d) would not use your powers to help people just help yourself fly to work or clean your house super-fast beacause you tried to help people but you were just sued?

So what would you do be a hero be a corporate puppet be a patriot or just help yourself?

personally i would like to say hero and try to save the world but i don’t know if someone sued me and i doubt i could keep the whole double life up for long i don’t know what i’d do.
tell me what you would you would do in the comments