“I gave you everything you could ever want, the finest education,the best training and what did you do become a stinking dirty hippy at that junkie hut you call a soup kitchen.”

“The finest schools?! you had me at military school before i could walk! you never cared about me i wasn’t a son to you, i was a science project you put me up for those experements to recreate the one man army formula to make me a a

“i tried to make you the best soilder you could be”

“you made me a weapon!!”

“And what did you do with, went to those protests with those hippies against the country,the government, our country our government set up some rats nest for the homeless”

“They served their country and now where’s there medal there parade? What there doing in vietnam is wrong what you’re doing in vietnam it’s wrong.”

and so symbol was born, His father was a general who had hoped his son to be the next “captain america” (i plan on doing several 60’s archetypes of different heroes including cap and a few others i’ve got an origin but no name yet) so he got him the best education,the best training he even put him up for experiments to recreate the conditions for the “super-soilders”. As a burning hatred for his father and a rebellious streak for anarky. He started going to protests at the age of 19 he started going to protests with his friends. They are shot on sight impervious to bullets he dosen’t die he then heads to his father and confronts him (scene above). His father asks him to leave he punches him in the face and the general sets security on him.

Two nights later a dirty cop is found beaten to a pulp next to a capital A on the wall symbolising anarky on the streets.

symbol’s base is an unused bunker as his father was high up in the military he knows where certain bunkers are. his cape is a flexible bullet proof material hidden under the fabric his car is an austin avenger and that’s preety much it please tell me what you think of his origin now that it’s written down i’m not so sure. thanks to Deemar and phil who’re doing some art ideas or even villians D did all the villians on that piece of work i have some of my own villian ideas i’ll post later if you want to name him post it in the comments section or tweet me what you want him to be called but for now here’s symbol in all his Deemar and Phil glory.

thanks again Phil proper awesome

copyright aidan mc collum 2010