Recently christopher nolan said “superman and batman cannot exsist in the same universe” and like most fanboys my kneejerk reaction was “WTF of course they can look at 70 years of continuity” but then i thought about it and creatively they can’t.

now i know how contreversial that statement is but think about it they can’t.
Here are 2 men who both fight crime yet in one city darkseid can attack every other week or a villian can throw a dumper truck at a hospital, cops wear armor and can shoot parisite with lasers. And in another it’s dark there’s drug dealers being beaten up and cops are just cops, no one throws cars no one leaps tall buildings with single bounds a crashing plane isn’t caught it just crashes but a mob boss never gets away.

In terms of tone as well batman won’t go out in day and superman rarely at night. You have a murderous psycopaths

Superman films should be about peoples problems blown up to heroic level mythological level even e.g. having a den but the den’s a crystal ice palace in the artic, having friends but they live in the future and expanding them you know lois dosen’t understand .

Batman films should be about taking super heroic themes i.e. fighting a guy who’s in a mask or driving on rooftops or jumping off buildings, taking those ideas those themes and brigning them down to a realistic level.
So therethore they cannot exist side by side or even on the same plane of reality

BUT…. and this is only hypothetically.But a director with a good script and some good ideas behind him might pull it off. Zack synder for example currently signed on to direct superman (can’t wait to see lex luthor’;s head being ripped off, as blood splatters at the camera in slow motion) could he make a superman vs batman film work. Anyway what are your opinions? i do love audience participation join the debate. is nolan right? who could direct supes vs bats? start commenting