yeah just

shield 5 still an amazing book and i’ve said it before it’s like the da vinci code in the marvel universe. there mr hickman put that quote on the cover! Oh and look at this cover. every cover of these books is like a piece of artwork i could hang on my wall and smile as i pass it everyday.

my second choice is avengers earth’s mightiest heroes 2. i’ve slowly begun to realise that as much as i like the dark, gritty deconstruction of heroes i just love light hearted fun.

I was recently at my little cousins house and he was watching avengers. as i sat there thinking about the direction and type of character they’ve turned hank pym into and how thor’s portrayed well. But then i stopped and thought this is wonderfully light hearted. the villians don’t have to throw a baby out a window, no one’s swearing and i thought i wish more comics were like this. So as one reader of comics and lover of this industry i have to say. As much as i love then seriousness and dark and realistic takes on characters or deconstruction of heroic archetypes. i’ll still always want a world where the skies are primary colours, were someone can make a joke during a fight were heroes are praised and not sued for blowing up a building thanks for reading and i await your opinion on the matter.

avengers assemble!