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i’ll do a comparision of this and spider-man shattered dimensions but this trailer looks amazing.

if you didn’t have at least one geekgasim read more DC comics


batman arkham city

now let me just say i loved the first batman arkham asylum game and you’ve seen the teaser trailer you’ve played the first game and now dc has realesed the name of the arkam asylum sequal ARKHAM CITY ok it not that bad but the teaser looks good at afterwards i’ll give my thoughts on the trailer

So the teaser trailer came out 7 months ago and fast acting as this blog is i’m going to give my opinion on the trailer and what i think the game plot will be.

so after seeing the teaser i think this i’ll be like gotham turf war. the supergansters (super-gansters like supervillians but all they care about is money and have gangs like blackmask,penguin,etc.) so for example as you see the “i want you” poster this is of two face who wants any escaped inmates from gotham as in the story the man who laughs joker breaks all the inmates out of arkham or in batman begins to create chaos they break all the inmates out of arkham and this is much easier as they now have moved the asylum to the gotham suburbs as in the first game it was destroyed by rioting inmates.

So if you look you see an inmate being thrown out of the window and you see people fighting down past the iceberg lounge around a fire.
now in the gang wars storyline to cope with the gangwar he rallies a batman family army with nightwing and tim drake and a hole host of batman’s allies so that could work well and be able to change around characters. now in the poster you see catwoman and in the teaser you see catwoman. if you look closely you can see a yellow sign which from an angle resembles an R for robin.

so now for the sum up this game i believe will be set with riots breaking out all across gotham and batman having to call in back-up maybe you’ll get to drive around gotham in free play in the bat-mobile that’ll be can even use detective mode to find out where villians are throughout the city. but the plot is that quincy sharp takes credit for the apprehensio of the joker and uses this as the drivig force of his political campaign to become mayor. after becoming mayor sharpe buy’s out a large part of the cities slums (as neither blackgate or arkham are sutable for housing prisoners) after this he let’s the inmates run free inside the prison walls so havoc and chaos insue and batman must save the city. overall i can’t wait and think if this game is half as good as the original it will rock!

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