so on monday i head to my local comic shop and i ordered (my shop is so small i have to order all my books on mondays) avengers acadamy 2,daredevil 508,invincible iron man 28,mystery society 2,superman 701,batman beyond 2,dynamo 5 sins of the father 2,heroic age prince of power 3,power girl 14,thunderbolts 146 and i spent a wopping £40.50 on comics so the guy behind the counter said do you want to order any avengers or new avengers. i said no told him i ranted avengers 2 on the blog and he’d said he’d check it out.

so i got home and heard that dc would be realesing 9 batman one shots about the return of bruce wayne. now i made a vow that i would boycott all batman books beacause of bruce’s death in final crises and battle for the cowl that awful mini series.

So i checked out the sales figures for june and i noticed that new avengers was 1 and avengers was 3 and i thougt that was it there are plenty of other books who deserve my money like power girl got the 99 spot or thunderbolts got the 61 spot. These books don’t deserve this and need more support so i am hereby with you my lolal reader as my witness that i’m boycotting any bendis avengers books or any return of bruce wayne books coming out in the future unless the start getting good i would sleep much better at night knowing i was giving steve niles,jay faeber or jeff parker or judd winnIck than lining the pckets of some marvel or dc wanker who fanboys will follow them through heaven or hell and looking at some of these books it’s hell.

but i am standing up for the little creator who barely gets a mention who dosen’t get in the to ten or twenty or even thirty i am standing up as a one man protest by saying “no sir you cannot take my just beacause of the character on the cover or the name on the writer or artist” i shall be robbed no longer and for those of you who are with comment and be proud the revolution is coing an uprising shall happen the day of the fanboy is over soon shall come the day of good comics of writers who care about their characters or other writers stories this day shall come soon and bendis and johns and millar and leob shall fall and us the u.f.a.b.c. united fanboys against bad comics.

and their came a day. a day like no other where comic fans united against a common foe. as they bannded together to fight a foe no single complainer could withstand. they banned together with a single battle cry U.N.A.B.C.ers ASSEMBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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it's coming