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batman arkham city

now let me just say i loved the first batman arkham asylum game and you’ve seen the teaser trailer you’ve played the first game and now dc has realesed the name of the arkam asylum sequal ARKHAM CITY ok it not that bad but the teaser looks good at afterwards i’ll give my thoughts on the trailer

So the teaser trailer came out 7 months ago and fast acting as this blog is i’m going to give my opinion on the trailer and what i think the game plot will be.

so after seeing the teaser i think this i’ll be like gotham turf war. the supergansters (super-gansters like supervillians but all they care about is money and have gangs like blackmask,penguin,etc.) so for example as you see the “i want you” poster this is of two face who wants any escaped inmates from gotham as in the story the man who laughs joker breaks all the inmates out of arkham or in batman begins to create chaos they break all the inmates out of arkham and this is much easier as they now have moved the asylum to the gotham suburbs as in the first game it was destroyed by rioting inmates.

So if you look you see an inmate being thrown out of the window and you see people fighting down past the iceberg lounge around a fire.
now in the gang wars storyline to cope with the gangwar he rallies a batman family army with nightwing and tim drake and a hole host of batman’s allies so that could work well and be able to change around characters. now in the poster you see catwoman and in the teaser you see catwoman. if you look closely you can see a yellow sign which from an angle resembles an R for robin.

so now for the sum up this game i believe will be set with riots breaking out all across gotham and batman having to call in back-up maybe you’ll get to drive around gotham in free play in the bat-mobile that’ll be can even use detective mode to find out where villians are throughout the city. but the plot is that quincy sharp takes credit for the apprehensio of the joker and uses this as the drivig force of his political campaign to become mayor. after becoming mayor sharpe buy’s out a large part of the cities slums (as neither blackgate or arkham are sutable for housing prisoners) after this he let’s the inmates run free inside the prison walls so havoc and chaos insue and batman must save the city. overall i can’t wait and think if this game is half as good as the original it will rock!

thank you for reading my late night ramblings on things you already know or could hae found out about without me.
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so marvel’s got all these movies in the pipeline.
thor’s done it’s in post-preduction,captain america is filming now i think x-men first class is in pre-production (matthew vaughen is writing the screen play and directing that’s coming out next year) and the avengers is set to film next year,along with the spider-man reboot and deadpool.

what renyolds looks like in the suit

but wait hold up i just read an article that say’s otherwise(

the entire C.G.I. costume in it's full glory OH WAIT!!!!

this is the movie i want more than green lantern

beacause of the dilema of ryan renyolds in role of hal jordan this year and next year protraying wade wilson in the deadpool movie.
but no warner brothers won’t allow that they want green lantern to be a triolgy with one film coming out after another every year (like twilight) uhhhhh if they do this it will next to kill the deadpool movie.

So they are set to film the movie soon so will he just jump ship onto WB. i doubt it they might buy him out like “we’ll give you this much money if you pull out of deadpool” but ryan reynolds if given the choice between a massive comic book trilogy or deadpool maybe will he drop deadpool and just say “na i’ll stick with green lantern sure”
if e can find a way to do both good on him that’ll be amazing but if deadpool is dropped or pushed back.

WB is being such a bitch just beacause marvel is whipping their ass in movies. marvel promised an avengers movie. now what are we getting in 2012 avengers assemble!
Where’s the world’s finest movie we where promised in that scene in I AM LEGEND “uhh oh no that was just a joke” said the WB exec. to the uproar of fans who wanted batman vs superman.

Now WB is like oh shit how can we stop the avengers movie? we can’t oh shit how can we stop the x-men first class movie uhhh we can’t
oh shit how can we stop the spider-man movie uhhh we can’t
oh shit how can we stop the deadpool movie uuuuh oh wait we can by turning green lantern into a trilogy and twilighting it and you know one of those movies will suck.

so in conclusion to this rant i say fuck you WB you’re just jealous bitches!

he’s one of the most remarkable men throughout all of history a true genuis. he’s become involed in the amazing series from johnathon hickman shield but even he is has fallen to the terrible humiliation of the typo.

behold the amazing issac newton shit isaac newton

so like many people i’m loving jeff parker’s thunderbolts and can’t wait for the next issue.
but in saying that his book is so good and the characters are so busy withall sorts of crossovers lined up to start off they’re gonna be in avengers academy as hank pym has some affiliation with the program (see thunderbolts 144). then they will be appering in the street event that is shawdowland while helping their fearless leader luke cage who is busy enough with thunderbolts where does he get time to sit down with iron man,cap and thor and talk about daredevil or go run an errand for them then he has new avengers on the weekends wow this guy is busy. but i’m getting off topic what really excited about is that in november the thunderbolts will go up against the avengers.
Now naturally I think it will be good beacause of parker but so much else. steve rogers fighting crossbones beacause he killed him (even though he only was drifting through time i know blah blah blah) or iron man fighting ghost as he put him through some shit recently.
but i’m genuinly excited about this and can’t wait just look at the promo art

this was my WTF of the day HA!

so the avengers cast was revealed at san diego and in my typical style i’ve taken forever to give my thoughts is anyone wats to know what i thought about the thor teaser trailer it sucked and i know as much about the thor game as i did before FUCK ALL over all the cast looks good and i love robert downey jr. as tony stark that much i don’t need to talk about him but here’s the rest of the cast.

iron man/robert downey jr. (amazing he is my iron man,i hope he’s the leader)

captain america/chris evans (a lot of people have their doubts but i want to be one of those that has faith in him ad i believe he will do a good job come on chris i have faith in you!)
thor/chris hemmsworth (there’s been some buzz that chris hemmsworth isn’t doing a good job as thor, why don’t they have 2 actors one as thor and one as dr. donald blake?)

nick fury/samual l jackson (this character was designed for him but i don’t know something about him in iron man 2 that i didn’t like about him in that we’ll see how he goes i still have high hopes)

hawkeye/jeremy renner (interesting to have hawkeye in the film well see how he’s handled, i loved jeremy renner in the hurt locker and i hope he will be a good hawkeye and a good clint barton 2 very different things)

war machine/don chedle (meh what do i say about him he’s good but i don’t know what war machine is doing on the original avengers. maybe that the goverment want iron man is that they have war machine but no tony stark a soilder who can take orders but the downside is that they don’t have the genuis mind of tony stark we’ll see if that makes it into the film.

black widow/scarlet johannson (okay see’s only in this for 2 reasons she was in that film and jon faverau seen them and his first thought was i need to change my pants, on a serious note if they had a scene at the end of iron man 2 where her and fury talk about the god in arozona the soilders weapon in the case the idea that they be talking russian and it was subtitled to show that the black widow was russian now that would have been a good scene.

hulk/mark ruffalo (no one knows what happened between edward norton and marvel most think it was he was a dick apparantly he doesn’t get on well with directors or writers or most other people in his films. in an interview the director of fight club said he does talk to him anymore and that he was an “asshole”.

agent colson/clark clegg (haha everyone’s favourite shield lackey is back and might see a bit of action plus he will be in the thor movie.

loki/tom hiddleson(yes loki is in the avengers movie maybe but he is my favourite villian, but i care a lot more about the actor as i’ve always seen loki as a shakespearean actor much like dr doom in the fantastic four animated tv show (see below) or how loki was in the hulk vs thor animated film.)

writing and directing=joss whedon (yes get in there baby hahaha i can’t believe this is happening amazing the best director marvel could have got, however joss wheadon has said “don’t get your hopes up it might suck” he was joking but he is rewriting the script and he can handle a team with so much (astonishing x men) this could be another buffy or another firefly, it’ll just be nice to see all the characters and all the films tied up and then maybe a sequal.
hope you’ve enjoyed reading this and i hope to start posting a lot more soon thanks for reading and bye copyright aidan mc collum 2010

In the autumn time (or fall for you americians) marvel and dc are both bringing out animated series and they both look amazing.
i’ll start off with the on ei want to see most marvel’s the avengers. having seen the cast at comic con the next 2 years are avengers mad with marvel publishing 6 or 7 avengers books a month. this series looks brilliant one thing i love is that this taxi driver is reading a newspaper called excelsior with one the cover headlines like vigilante “punishes” again and man-like “thing” stalks upstate.
hehehehe i’m already full of fanboy glee.
with supervillians like
whirlwind,wreaker,grey gargole,constrictor,arnim zola,griffin,what looks like a different design of taskmaster,hydra and the greatrest avengers villian ever loki god of mischief.
the cast of heroes is by far not up to the challenge of taking up these villians. Iron man,thor,ant-man/giant man ,wasp,hulk,captain america, nick fury ,someone who i think will be maria hill, james rhodes (war machine but not in armor) pepper potts, black panther ,hawkeye,black widow and other heroes like wonder man will appear and this does certainly look good.
The idea is simple i think loki will create a day where the earth’s mightiest superheroes will band togeher to fight the foe no single hero could withstand and in doing so will help create the avengers. then they’ll go with the more fairytale idea that they find captain america in an iceberg. what do you think tell me in the comments below.
personally i can’t wait and think that this will breathe some life into certain characters i loved the original justice league series when i was younger even though i didn’t know green lantern,hawkgirl,flash. but looking back on it they’re my justice league i loved them all and then justice league unlimited came out and when i went to dublin years ago i got the infinate crises hardcover and beacause of justice league i knew most of the characters and just hope some kid has same experience with the avengers.

Now for all you dc fanboys young justice. I’d like to start off by saying that this is not teen titans. i liked the teen titans animated series the way that they were completely independant there was some batman stuff with robin like i remeber in the first episode robin has this mugger cornered and the mugger says “this is’nt your town” and robin just says “it is now.”
But young justice is more like avengers academy the way batman will give them missions or the way the justice league has 16 members.
this show looks amazing all the justce league look like they did in crises of two earths which makes them look awesome.
the cast consists of

superboy (open for a good storyline with lex luthor)

robin (hope it’s tim drake definately my favourite robin although maybe not as the producers said this dc universe only started 10 years ago)

kid flash (whom i liked in the teen titans so interesting to see how they handle him)

aqualad (hope he’s just like his mentor arogant, war hungry, loud mothed and generally good fun to watch)

miss martian (don’t know who that is but just wikied her and looks interesting say’s she’s a white martian)

artemis (probabely just their as opposed to speddy/red arrow beacause they need another girl on the team looks good though)

dc is apparantly making a comic to go with the series and will be written by art balatazar and art by mike norton.

the justice league looks good and will offer support to the team and individually mentor certain heroes like superman and superboy or flash and kid flash and so on i hope that theirs some interaction with catain marvel\billy batson who although he appears a full grown adult he’s only ten and whenn he utters the magic word frail little mild mannered billy batson is transformed using the magic of shazam. or something like that.
batman will be their headmaster type character giving the team missions and surprisingly will make aqualad the leader? i’d like to see robin and superboy not ask whyeven though robin is the most senior. But batman clearly has some reason behind the matter and i hope there will be a scene where they spar with batman and he wipes the floor with them. ha that’d be so cool.
tell me what you think in the comments

personally i can’t wait and this show looks amazing as i said i hope this becomes like their justice league that introduses them to 70 years of brilliant characters and fantastic story lines.

now the bad part with avengers jeph leob will be the producer of the show so hopefully red hulk stays completly away from this universe.
and with young justice it might just be teen titans just afew years later i’m hoping the arrival of the justice league will change that.

i can’t wait for both these series and i hope that like me these get people into comics more at such a young age comment below.

so on monday i head to my local comic shop and i ordered (my shop is so small i have to order all my books on mondays) avengers acadamy 2,daredevil 508,invincible iron man 28,mystery society 2,superman 701,batman beyond 2,dynamo 5 sins of the father 2,heroic age prince of power 3,power girl 14,thunderbolts 146 and i spent a wopping £40.50 on comics so the guy behind the counter said do you want to order any avengers or new avengers. i said no told him i ranted avengers 2 on the blog and he’d said he’d check it out.

so i got home and heard that dc would be realesing 9 batman one shots about the return of bruce wayne. now i made a vow that i would boycott all batman books beacause of bruce’s death in final crises and battle for the cowl that awful mini series.

So i checked out the sales figures for june and i noticed that new avengers was 1 and avengers was 3 and i thougt that was it there are plenty of other books who deserve my money like power girl got the 99 spot or thunderbolts got the 61 spot. These books don’t deserve this and need more support so i am hereby with you my lolal reader as my witness that i’m boycotting any bendis avengers books or any return of bruce wayne books coming out in the future unless the start getting good i would sleep much better at night knowing i was giving steve niles,jay faeber or jeff parker or judd winnIck than lining the pckets of some marvel or dc wanker who fanboys will follow them through heaven or hell and looking at some of these books it’s hell.

but i am standing up for the little creator who barely gets a mention who dosen’t get in the to ten or twenty or even thirty i am standing up as a one man protest by saying “no sir you cannot take my just beacause of the character on the cover or the name on the writer or artist” i shall be robbed no longer and for those of you who are with comment and be proud the revolution is coing an uprising shall happen the day of the fanboy is over soon shall come the day of good comics of writers who care about their characters or other writers stories this day shall come soon and bendis and johns and millar and leob shall fall and us the u.f.a.b.c. united fanboys against bad comics.

and their came a day. a day like no other where comic fans united against a common foe. as they bannded together to fight a foe no single complainer could withstand. they banned together with a single battle cry U.N.A.B.C.ers ASSEMBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
commet below to join

it's coming

so in 2006 i went to my local woolworths (which is closed down now) and i seen the marvel young avengers 4 pack. at the age i was i got them for my birthday that sunday which were just 4 superheroes who were only a few years older than me. what i didn’t realise was that they were an africian-americian who’s grandfather was the original black captain america (patriot), a teenager from the 30’th century who was destined to be one of the avengers greatest foes (iron lad),a half skrull half kree who was the son of the skrull princess and captain marvel (hulkling) and a homosxual who was the scarlet witchs biggest fanboy and had the potential to be one of the most powerful mystics on the planet.

but now to their most recent book avengers the children’s crusade. This book takes place in i don’t know what time period of the marvel universe i think between extremis iron man and civil war given the costumes. but try to put that out of your head (i think allan heinberg wanted to do this but beacause of civil war it was put on hiatus and then the marvel event machine continued on rolling and this is the first chance in a while you get to tell this story. it follows the narritive of wiccian (billy kaplin) as he looks back on the day the avengers told him about his mothers problems with her powers.

For those of you who know wiccian and hulkling are homosxual partners and in issue 7 i believe wiccian tries to tell his parents he’s a superhero but then comes out of the closet (if you know what i mean, if you don’t google it) so the avengers (ms marvel,steve rogers cap and iron man) confront wiccian and for a young avengers fan it’s preety big as you see their headquarters in avengers mansion which i wonder where they’ll hang out now that luck cage is taking a half destroyed mansion and living in it meh. The avengers are worried as at the start of the book he disarmed 20 guys with guns and a nuke. so they tell him about m-day and “no more mutants” and wiccian says “how do you know it’s her, not someone controlling her.” the fanboy in me went “beacause the scarlet witch is mental” and the writer in me “went ahh very clever”.

i have a question beacause when bendis brought back hawkeye he had him track down the scarlet witch in mount wudagore in transia. then shag her and come back where they say did you find her he say’s no wolverine says “you’re lying” and it’s never mentioned again. this was right before secret invasion so bendis just like the avengers forgot to go looking for the scarlet witch WTFUCK IS THAT ABOUT!.

Then captain america (steve rogers as this happens before civil war) shows up at wiccans house and tells his parents on himand wiccian moves in with the avengers and hulkling comes along with but jarvis makes their room up with 2 beds maybe he just thinks friends when they said partners. But if he didn’t then why give them the same room then you’re asking or trouble if i stayed at a girls house and her father wtold to sleep in the same room but separate beds WOULDN’T STOP ME! and it hasn’t sperate rooms a bit harder but can work around it hehehe.

So by the end of the book the young avengers break hulkling and wiccan out of avengers tower and a question i’ve always had of why speed and wiccan have never met their uncle or their grandfather?

So thank you dear reader for reading my review of my favourite team book and thank you for checking out my blog this book is a definate 5 stars although i’m a bit biased. thank you so good night and travel well
copyright aidan mc collum 2010

cover of

goodbye, for now

as i sit here typing this out listening to muse on my stereo and half reading mystery society 1. i can’t help but feel a bit sorry i’m going on a trip and will be away until saturday of next week. as i can’t give away my undisclosed location as my superiors would not allow it i can however say it’s gonna be some crac (irish for a good time). i’ll also miss next weeks comics and next weeks reviews and raves and rants but rest assured i’ll come back with some more ideas for my comic as well as more passion for this amazing industry and fantastic form of media. now i fare thee well dear reader and i bide you adieu. goodbye for now…………….

okay so a while ago i posted an idea for a superhero comic and a viewer of the post and someone who like me reguarly comments on the ccw tv blog has kindly said he would do skech ideas for my comic and asked if i would do some more posts well i’ve been thinking about it and yesterday while watching justice league animated series on my laptop had what i can only describe as a creative orgasim and started writng down all these ideas about villians and storylines one of these ideas was thunderclap and this is his origin

One of the heroes from the earlier post the scool boy has the ability to fly and super stength a magic shileld which can melt bullets before impact but i’ll get into that more another time when i do a short bio on each of the characters and state their powers and each of the team can teleport great distances.
The school boy travels to afghanastan and disarms a group of army privates and a group of talibann forces caught in a firefight he then states that their war is over and within the week there will be peace before either force can respond the talibann forces retreat believing the floating white person to be a weapon of the americians as the americians start to protest he tells them he shall make sure they return to base before being told of a plane crashing in egypt so he must leave them for a short time. in that time the americians humvees are ambushed by a group of talibann forces who were in formed by the retrating men that the americians are unarmed the tali bann attack the patrol killing all the men except for one who is saved by the scool boy although he survives he loses his right arm. before passing out he looks at the scool boy with blood dripping down his face and tears of sorrow over lost comrades sliding down his cheek he stats “your fault”. while in hospital he is visited by the god who embodies thunder (as he gets the chance to choose his new champion first) he offers him the chance to obtain vengence over his lost collegues and get revenge on the person who did this to him. he grant’s him the powers of absorbing sound and able to turn it into strength and his signature move the thunderclap. with limitless potential and power he is hellbent on revenge and will do anything to to have vengence for his fallen brothers in arms he is THUNDERCLAP
copyright aidan mc collum 2010